Friday, July 29, 2011

The Last Day

Yep, it's my last day as a 30 something.  Ugh...the agony.  My daughter laughed at me this morning as I was bemoaning turning 40 tomorrow and told me I was already old at 39.  She decided to point all my gray hair as evidence of being old.  It's nothing for a 9 year old to tell ya like it is.  I just have to laugh every time she does this.  Good times.

Do I feel old, well I definitely have been feeling old the last couple of weeks.  I think the half took a lot of my legs especially the running legs.  I finally had a decent run earlier this week in which I was able to average just around 7:30 pace. least the legs felt somewhat responsive.  The one plus side this month has been the cycling.  I can slowly feel myself improving.  I just need to keep the slow increase until September and October when I sharpen the edge.

I may be turning 40 tomorrow, but I feel really lean.  The LoseIt diet is working great, almost too good lately.  The last few nights I've been starving and basically just cramming as many healthy snacks into my pie hole as possible.  I think I'm down to 140 which is probably the lowest since my exclusive running days.  It's kindof cool to be able to see all your tendons and muscles.  I'm not a bodybuilder or anything so it's quite amusing to see my little chicken arm muscles.

With the latest hunger pains, I've made plans to quash all of this with one visit to the Golden Corral, an all you can eat buffet.  I plan to eat as much as humanly possible.  On top of the massive food that will be consumed at the buffet, I'll be making another Costco trip.  I've run out of my 25 lb bag of rice and will be up-sizing to the 50lb this visit. I'll buying a bunch more broccoli and other healthy snacks that.  I'm hungry right now as I'm typing out this blog but I'll be pasta loading tonight in preparation for the special birthday workout.

Here's the plan.  I'll be swimming 40 minutes and then I'll bike 40miles out and 40 miles back with a 40 lap or 10 mile run to finish.  This will be great and take a good 6 hours to complete or so.  I'll be able to test out some more nutrition stuff as well even though T1 will involve driving from the pool to the start of the bike ride. ;)

It's been ungodly hot since I've returned from the Oregon trip.  It's been above 90 everyday with a few 100+ days as well.  The hottest day so far was 117 on the heat index.  This is the first time I've ever been super hot riding the bike.  Usually when I'm riding the wind keeps me sortof cool but not that day.  It was brutally hot.    It won't be 100+ tomorrow but high 90s and humid.   Just constant sweating while working out.

Well I'll be saying goodbye to this young nubile guy today and hello to the old man tomorrow.  I'm not a youngster anymore.

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