Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

It's Halloween and I had a ghoulish ride today...Har-har!  I'm hilarious.  At least the weather was decent with 60 degrees sunny and no wind.  I can tell I'm in full winter fitness mode though as it was pathetic trying to do some intervals just keep the legs and blood flowing.  My calf is feeling better and I'll probably start my easy 30 minute runs again on Wednesday.

Elena was all excited for Halloween yesterday.  She also knows that Halloween means her birthday is just around the corner.  She has changed her mind for next year's costume to a witch.  I guess she got my planning gene since she already knows what she wants to be.  She also start talking about being an archaeologist when she grows up so she can study dinosaurs.  She wishes she had a time machine so she could go back and see what color the dinosaurs were.  On top of that she starts talking about how an asteroid hit the Earth which killed the plants and killed the dinosaurs because they could find food.  It's just amazing how fast she's growing up.

She's staying at my place this weekend so hopefully she won't leave upset.  The last time she was cheering that I was going to Europe and she wouldn't have to come over to my house during the week.  Good times.  She definitely has her opinions which I love even though most of time she thinks I'm too tough on her.  It's a fine line on making her independent and tough but not be too hard on her.

We change our clocks back on Saturday night so an extra hour of sleep.  Woohoo!!  Just means it's going to get darker earlier in the day which sucks but oh well.  I still wonder why we still change our clocks.  I wonder if it really saves energy.  I guess people would revolt in the summer if the sun started coming up 4:30AM.

Beavers play tomorrow still having a chance at the Rose Bowl.  GO BEAVS!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Digital TV

I keep see all these ads for digital TV and how if you don't get a converter box by February you won't be able to watch TV.  WTF!!  Who in the world watches TV with rabbit ears?  Are these people so out of touch does it really matter if come February they just get the snow channel?  Will millions of folks in trailers parks across the country wander outside and start wondering if the aliens have invaded because their TVs don't work?  We hear all these percentages of people who own HDTVs I like to hear percentages of people who don't have cable or satellite.  I have to endure commercial after commercial and news story after news story for what 1% of the country.  SAD!!

On top of that what's with these government $40 coupons to help purchase the digital converter box?  Huh?  Why do I care if someone who has a TV can't watch TV because it's too f-in old?  Watching TV is a privilege not a right!  Why are my tax dollars going towards this!!

On the sadder side of sports news, Oden is out for at least 2 weeks.  What a bummer for the guy!  I can feel for the guy since it seems everytime I get healthy enough to run I get injured again.  Although he has quite a few more millions in money guaranteed even with his injury.  It still must suck.  On the relief side of sports, it looks like Brad Lidge can finally put the Pujols home run in his rear view mirror after last nights successful save in the World Series win.

I swam this morning after 2 weeks and it went okay.  My arms are sore which is funny since I only swam 30 minutes.  My form was decent which was most surprising. Obviously if the form was perfect I wouldn't be so slow.  Even after over a year swimming, it still amazing that still something is wrong with my form which accounts for over 10 seconds per 100yds at least.  I don't know it might make sense to do more technique work this winter.  I'm torn between really wanting to get my run back on track like in the old days and improving both my cycling and swimming.  Triathlon training is hard.  It's like when you're eating Neopolitan ice cream.  Should I slowly eat a little of the chocolate, strawberry and vanilla or just eat all of the chocolate first because it tastes so good.

Only 5 days til the election and that tricky DMV updated my address so I only have to walk just under a mile to the polling place.  I'll probably go at like 10 something since it probably won't be crowded.  Nader made the voter pamphlet.  How cool is that!  He really didn't have to do much of anything that I've seen to make the voter pamphlet.  Also what's with the half hour long infomercial last night from Obama!  That was just weird.  I don't understand why he did it.  He's in the lead or so they say so why go so over the top.

On a final note, the whole Jennifer Hudson story is so sad.  I mean really you're a full blown celebrity and you're letting your mom, sister, brother etc still live in a super bad neighborhood because they want to.  I mean I know its different culture but still I would think I'd be putting my foot down on moving the entire family to a better area.  Although who knows if they "knew" the killer it probably wouldn't mattered.  Same thing happened with Michael Jordan's dad, just parking at the side of the rode to sleep while driving across the state.  I guess everyone is stubborn and set in their ways even if they have money.

Back to your normal schedule DIGITAL TV PROGRAMMING...

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

It's too cold

I'm totally wimping out in the weather we are having as far as cycling goes.  It was a massive 45 degrees yesterday during my normal workout time.  I decided to sit huddled in my condo working instead of riding.  I continue to look with disgust at my ever enlarging middle section.  I need to workout but it's just too cold.  I might brave the outdoors today totally bundled in all my cold weather gear.  I hate winter!  I'll start my bah-humbugin early this year.

I think one way to help my winter is to change my gym membership.  There's a Bally's just about 3 blocks away that I think I'll be switching to no matter what.  It makes my excuse for not swimming less in the morning when I can just walk over to the pool.  Hell, I could even swim as a lunch time workout with it so close.  I'm going to take my fitness critic(Elena) over there this weekend.  I'll get her take on the kids area.  We'll see if it meets her strict standards.  Of course I have to figure out how to cancel my LA Fitness membership.  I think it will take a month or something.

October is almost over what happened.  It seems like it was just August.  The big election is only days away, finally.  I'm ready for that to be over.  I'm still not sure who will win even though polls show Barack in the lead.  There's some thought that people participating in the polls are voting how they think they should vote but will vote "white" in the privacy of the booth.  You never know...of course it might make sense to not be on the street later in the evening on the 4th in certain neighborhoods should the "white upset" start to happen.  I like Barack better than McCain just from a "new" standpoint.  He has some good ideas like parents should help their kids learn and we can conserve fuel just by making sure our car tires are properly inflated.  Simple common sense things in my opinion.

I'll have to figure out if it's worth the trouble to drive down to my polling place since I'm still registered at Amber's house since I wanted to vote in the Maryland primary.  I never did the official change of address.  Oh well, it's not that far away and I could use it as an excuse to hit the pool for a workout.

Opening night of the NBA was last night and Oden is already injured.  That's a total bummer for the Portland fans especially my buddy who has season tickets.  I'm guess he's out for at least 2 weeks.  The NFL season is in full swing with no real dominate team but too bad my Raiders aren't even competitive.  Ugh...I dream of Al Davis retiring but I don't think its going to happen.  The MLB is finishing but with the crazy weather who knows when it will be done.  I saw highlights of the rain they were playing in and thought how could did the commish let them play.  Atrocious...really a big mistake not calling the game earlier or even worse yet starting the game earlier in the day.  I mean seriously it's not like you can't look at a doppler radar and see the massive rain coming.  College football is having interesting games each week and my beloved Oregon State Beavers still have a shot at the Rose Bowl.  If they make the Rose Bowl, I plan on making the trip somehow someway.  It will probably be their only appearance in my lifetime.

Stay warm...

Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Well, I'm back but man what a really long week of work.  God I hate work travel such a pain.  I never really got on the time schedule over there so I'd wake up about 1am and toss and turn for an hour then take a 4 hour nap until 6am.  I was running just 30 minutes every morning trying to get my calf to get stronger.  It didn't work.  I ran when I got back again only 30 minutes but my calf hurts again.  I think walking through the airport and sitting in the airplane just made it sore.

The flight home was crazy because before I left I noticed that DC was going to have high winds and rain.  Sure enough tons of turbulence the last hour of the flight.  Big time roller coaster which had people using those air sick bags.  I guess they work.  The only benefit of going to Europe is I had some tasty food and decent beer.  I'm sure I'm all fat though as I even tried a few morning pastries in Switzerland.  Mmm...the land of chocolate.

Of course, it was always amusing when the sales folks would just start talking in either German or French(what they speak in southern Switzerland) while I'm just sitting there.  Good times!  The autobahn is always fun.  No speed limit and our sales team have very decent BMWs, Audis, and Mercedes automobiles.  Fast, fast and faster.  The Euro is so strong against the dollar everything is quite expensive over there.  Gas is roughly $6 a gallon but most of the cars over there get at well above 25 mpg.  So it probably is very similar in monthly price to drive over there as it is to drive over here.  The funniest thing about driving in Germany is the word "Exit" for the freeway is "Aushfart".  Good stuff!  I'm such a teenager but I laugh everytime I see one of those signs.

It was cold over there but it's fricking cold here.  I didn't feel like going out on the bike yesterday because it was 45 degrees and 10mph winds.  It started to rain later in the day.  Oh doesn't look any better.  I can't run because I'm going to rest the calf again and see if I can get rid of it completely.  So based on past experience 7 days is not enough so I'm going with at least 10 this time around.  The trip to Europe did put me back on my pre Ironman sleep schedule.  I'm waking up just before 5am and going to be a decent time.  So I need to start hitting the pool to have a hope to keep the winter pounds off.

I got my will in the mail before I left but I need to get three non-family members to sign the damn thing.  Oh joy!  I don't even know 3 people here.  I'm thinking about rounding some of my neighbors in my building to help me sign it.  My building is full so I have people living below me.  I think they work at a hospital because I saw them coming home at like 8am from work.  This will make my winter indoor riding a problem.  Last winter I just rode without worrying about how much noise I was making.  I think I'll have to use our fitness center room to setup my trainer if I can get dedicated.  I still remember the intervals I did on the trainer last winter.  Ugh..what a pain.

Did I say I hate winter...

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Debate Part 3

Okay, so I didn't stay up and watch the debate last night but I DVR'd it just in case McCain try to choke out Obama or Obama smacked McCain up aside his head to mess up McCain's comb over.  I read a couple of news sites this morning and nothing crazy happened.  I'll probably watch pieces just for amusement to see if McCain actually got specific or stayed vague as well as Obama.  And who is this Joe the Plumber guy?  I read an excerpt that he's buying a business and will earn over 250k and doesn't want to pay taxes.  Well maybe it's not that he doesn't want to pay taxes he just wants a tax break.  I think everyone in the US rich and poor wouldn't want to pay taxes but we have to.  I think it would just be easier if we didn't hear all the waste that goes on with our tax money.  I know I mentioned this in a previous blog but man it just irks me that things are just so screwed up.

Anyway back to the real reason I'm posting today.  As I mentioned in the last blog about feeling like Superman on Monday's hard workout, I had another hard workout on the bike yesterday.  Just a note, I definitely go easy when I'm suppose to go easy.  I'm the master of easy days on the bike and I used to be as well on the runs.  My running has all been easy compared to my old times so maybe I'm not really going easy on my runs anymore.  Back to the cycling, I went easy after my hard Monday workout on Tuesday.  I rode smooth without trying to put any effort at all.

So I started out yesterday not knowing how the legs would respond, they were tired right out of the gate.  I have to climb up a couple of little bumps in the first miles and I could feel my legs.  I got to the point of my first tempo section and started.  I don't know what came over me but for some reason I decided to try to power through.  I was in one gear bigger than Monday and just went for it.  The legs responded throughout the whole workout.  I stayed consistently in one bigger gear but was crushing the speed.  My cadence was slightly lower but not by much.

There's been a lot of posts on Slowtwitch about doing the bike segment of an Ironman in a bigger gear and pushing a lower cadence to help save your legs.  I definitely was able to go faster yesterday in that bigger gear but my legs were totally dead at the end of the ride.  Comparing styles is almost impossible because of the "Superman" and "I suck" workout syndrome.  It's good to know that I have some decent muscle strength heading into the winter.  Hopefully, I'll be able to continue to build on it slowly and be ready to really put in some serious work in the early spring.  I think I'm going to try to do a 2:30 on the bike in Florida.

That just leaves my pathetic swim to get ironed out for Florida next May.  Ugh, I was in the water this morning after dropping Elena off at school and it was brutal.  I've lost so much strength in my swimming muscles.  I can feel the fatigue if I really try to pull hard and that just sucks.  I guess I shouldn't have waited so long after the Ironman to get back into the water.  I just well hate swimming..well maybe not hate.  I guess it's okay but the hard workouts are so hard and its such slow going plus on top of that I know I suck.  I mean Orion hasn't swam since the summer yet he busted out a 29 for an Olympic.  WTF!!  This sucks as I was faster than him last May when he came to visit now he's way faster and hasn't even trained.

I told him that if we're in the same wave I'm going to hold onto his leg during the swim and have him drag me around the course.  Or constantly push off on his shoulder, kindof like pushing off someone's shoulder trying to get a rebound in backyard basketball.  If we can get out of the water together, I think we'll tussle into transition.  I wonder how many people would be confused if we started grabbing and push each other all the way into transition.  If our bikes are close, I'd even toss one of his shoes or something.  Just like when you were kids trying to get dressed at summer camp.

I have an inkling to run an easy 4 miles today because the calf has been feeling better.  I must exert extreme willpower not to go out the door.  Injuries piss me off...

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


So I've been contemplating in my head about how hard is too hard or if there is even such a thing as going too hard during the hard workout in a training plan.  Every so often, my legs will feel great on the bike during a day that has planned tempo sections.  On these days, I can really kill it and I have done this each time.  Doing this trashes my legs and makes the next hard workout during the week "slower".  I mean effort is still hard but the pace just isn't that fast because the legs are still fatigued.  So I keep wondering if I went too hard during the previous workout?  Am I helping my adaption or hurting it?

I usually chalked up the "fatigue I suck" feeling to just a bad day and "I'm superman" to a good day but maybe there's something more to it.  I have had these days in running, biking and even in my limited swimming experience.  It seems I have more of the "I suck" type of workouts than the "Superman" ones.  In most cases, the "I suck" workouts times are really close to the just a run of the mill hard workout.  The Superman times are ungodly and I dream of having those legs or arms during a race.

Like during the Ironman(see I can still mention it every so often just to remind everyone that yes I am an Ironman), I had one of those Superman swims.  I mean I felt great during the swim especially the 2nd half.  The first 6 miles of the run I was feeling pretty good. Actually the first 11 miles were good just the headwind slowed my times down.  The bike was just normal no real superman feeling there.

I'll see how my hard ride today goes since I had a "Superman" ride on Monday.  Let's hope for the best.

Oh yeah, who out there like me has to work til 80 now that their 401k has gone belly up?  Yeah, for overpaying loser CEOs at these financial institutions for their great performance and lending money to anyone.  How is this our fault?  Why are we paying for private industry screwups?  So sad...but I guess if the investors(same group of folks as these) aren't happy the companies that they would invest in can't get stuff done.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

I'm an idiot

I can't seem to follow sound advice and come back in my run training slow enough.  Last week I was doing good putting in some easy 4 mile runs to ease my calf back into it.  I had taken 10 days off because I tweaked my calf when I was in Oregon.  On Saturday, I decided I'd run long.  I felt great in the run and pushing a decent pace.  I went 8 miles when I should've stayed with just 6 as the last half mile my calf started hurting again.  My brain still thinks I'm a dedicated runner and I miss not being one mentally.

It feels weird not to be able to perform like you could.  I'm older too which attributes to having less performance but I just don't have the miles in the legs like before.  I miss it.  I miss being able to throw down a fast mile when I want to without killing myself.

I need to focus on easing back into so I can get back to where I want to be. I had planned to keep a bike focus this week anyway since next week I'll be in Europe where I will only be able to run.  I'll take this week off from running and let the calf heal.  In Europe, I'll just run easy 30 minutes every morning to work out the German Bier and Switzerland chocolate.

Or maybe I run an easy 30 minutes today...see I just can't get past my own brain.

Friday, October 10, 2008

I of sound mind

Or something legal like that is what I had to "check" for doing my will online at Legalzoom.  I know you're all wanting to know if I read this blog will I be getting anything well I hate to break it to ya but you get NOTHING!  I left it all to Elena.  I also did one of those "Living Wills".  It allows me to put someone in charge of my medical decisions if I'm totally in a coma or something like that.  I specified that I want to be kept on life support forever until I'm sure a cure will be found or we will have invented a robot to house my brain.  I know its expensive but who doesn't think brain transplants are just around the corner.  It 2008 baby!

Yesterdays run replaced my bike ride.  I couldn't exercise as long because of starting at the desk later than usual.  The run was nice as it was warm outside.  It actually felt a little too warm even though it was only 75.  I guess my body has already started preparing for winter.  I run on this sidewalk where someone put their initials in 4 different spots.  It reads "GEB".  I always think of Haile Gebrselassie, the best distance runner of all-time.  It inspires me to stride just a little smoother and relaxed.  I really can't believe how slow I feel plus my quads hurt.  They always hurt now after a run layoff until they get used to the pavement pounding again.

The weekend is almost upon us and I'm still undecided on what workouts I'm going to do.  I was thinking of going for a longish run on Saturday morning.  And longish right now for me means 8 miles or so.  Basically run for an hour, come home, shower and then gorge myself on pancakes.  Sunday I'm going out to dinner with Elena, Joe and Amber so I'll be driving over to their house.  I figure I'll just go to the pool beforehand since I'm driving anyway.  I'm not sure if it will be crowded at 3pm or not on a Sunday.  I could go for a long ride Sunday morning but I'll probably just slack even though the weather is supposed to be in the 70s.

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

A little better

I swam for 45 minutes this morning and felt okay.  I'm slowly getting back into the form.  I think I'll just continue with base until December then start going back to the intervals and such.  I felt good towards the end but nowhere as good as felt during my Ironman swim.  Like that subtle way of bringing up that I'M AN IRONMAN.  I know I'm such a ham but hey what can I say.  I think I have a whole year before I'm required to lay off the excessive Ironman talk.

I started running again real easy to get the legs ready for some base miles this winter.  I want to try to slowly ramp up my miles to see if I can avoid some injuries next spring.  I'm going to train like a maniac for the run portion of the half in Florida.  I think my goal is going to be sub 1:25 which will tough on that course because of the narrow trails and overtaking people but I think I can do it.

My fatness has stabilized since all the Doritos in my house are gone and I hate going to the store.  I still think about how skinny I was right before the Ironman.  Pretty amazing that I was able to get so low.  Another thing that I can say because the Ironman is over is that my taper didn't result in me getting sick.  Woohoo!!  I had an inkling but I was busting Airborne left and right.  The vitamins helped get me through.

I had to get my emission check for Maryland.  How sad is that.  I mean really do we need to check emissions on cars that were made after 1990.  Seems like a waste of taxpayer money to just have those places being run 6 days a week checking cars that never fail.  I'd be interested to see actual failure rates.  Money waste is just so amazing when it comes to government.  You would think they're would be at least a few politicians who would be able to save some money from some places here and there.  I just never read about any government 'saving' money, do you?

The Dodgers/Phillies baseball series starts today.  Go Dodgers!

Monday, October 6, 2008


So now I've swam three times since Thursday, yeah!  That's the most consistent I've been since before the taper back in August.  I've lost a little weight because I've been playing the 360 instead of just watching TV and stuffing my face with snacks.  I'm only 147 now so maybe I can make it through the Halloween, Thanksgiving, Xmas season without going for a new all time record.

Elena and I went to Ikea this weekend.  It's such an interesting store.  They really have it figured out.  They have food and a kids play area where you get a fancy pager in case something goes wrong.  You pick up your furniture down in the warehouse after seeing it all in the upstairs viewing areas.  We bought a dresser for Elena, bookshelf and coffee table for me.  We tried to buy a desk but they didn't have it in stock.

We also stopped at Costco for $3.35 gas.  Not bad.  We went into Costco for just a couple of things like Caffeine Free Diet Pepsi, raisins, and jerky.  I stayed away from the chips since they only have Ruffles which I like.  It's time to get serious about training again since O called and told me he swam a 29 at an Olympic on Sunday.  He's going to crush me in the water if I don't my crap together.

Elena and I put together all the furniture.  The dresser took the longest with it's 3 drawers.  It was fairly inexpensive(cheap) furniture so it had all these interesting screws and such.  She'd find the right screw for each of the parts I was putting together.  It took awhile but they turned out okay.  Not too crooked...

Elena cracks me up and definitely is my daughter.  We were eating dinner last night and she told me that she's always hungry and then said she even dreams of food sometimes.  Classic!  I asked her what types of food and was expecting to hear like candy and ice cream.  Nope, she dreams of eating vegetables and rice.  Hilarious!!

Friday, October 3, 2008

The Debate

I didn't do anything after yesterday's swim because well it was windy and 59 degrees out during lunch time.  I "debated" with myself about trying to go for an easy spin as I went somewhat hard being chased by rain on Wednesday. 

The Brain(moderator): It's time for our normal easy day spin.

Focused conscious: We must act before we end up in full exercise crisis if we continue with following all these deregulation policies, skipping workouts, eating whatever food you want.  I'm willing to reach across the aisle and allow some junk food but overall we need to reign in these habits.  We need to regulate Chip Street and get back to Exercise Street.

Slacker conscious: We need to think of our fitness.  This is a fundamental difference between you and me.  I believe that we need be free with our exercise and not add more regulations of what we can eat, when we have to exercise, how fast, how far.  The body knows what it wants and the best way is to let it regulate itself.

The Brain(moderator): What about our weight?

Slacker conscious: I'm glad you brought that up.  Another fundamental difference between my views and our opponents.  I don't believe its man-made.  It's just a natural cycle of our body.  We can alleviate our hunger by subsidizing snacks.  With Doritos at an all-time high of $3.59 for a bag, we need to explore cheaper chip options but we don't need complete independence.  We've been able to go fast and have great fitness in the past and still eat chips.

Focused conscious: I disagree this new weight increase is man-made.  It's not a natural cycle to gain 10 lbs in 6 weeks. It's a direct result of not eating clean fuel.  We must continue to investigate and learn news ways to fuel our body during these tough times with healthy food. I'd also like to rebut deregulating our exercise.  We need to stay focused, find a new goal, and develop a training plan. We gained all this fitness over the past year doing just that.

The Brain(moderator): What if your daughter became out of shape and fat?

Focused conscious: This is an extremely dangerous situation and we just can't allow that to happen in any circumstance.  I would sit down with her and try to work out a solution.  Explain how important it is to have exercise in her life.

Slacker conscious: This is something that both of us can agree that this is an extremely undesirable situation.  However, we would be more diplomatic. We'd work with her mother and probably impose some sanctions to turn it around.

The Brain(moderator): Okay let's have the closing statements.

Slacker conscious: First I would like to thank you and my opponent for this great debate. As you can see, we just can't have another year of these policies, no junk food, waking up at 4:30AM everyday, and 2 workouts every day.  The body just doesn't like it. We must continue with the chips surge and cannot cut our chip funding.  The weight will go down again when it gets warmer as this is just a cycle.  Sitting at our desk is just as good as an easy spin which is probably impossible with 20mph wind gusts.

Focused conscious: I would also like to thank you and everyone for listening to a great debate between my opponent and I.  There are just fundamental differences between our campaigns.  This is not just a cycle it is man-made.  We need to start working on finding healthy snack food to fuel our body.  Our campaign will reach across the aisle like having a beer at a party and some chips but we must have regulation.  Exercise street can longer suffer at the greediness of Chip Street.  We must focus now and head outside to ride.

Well, the slacker won the debate and I just sat at my desk.  I did stay up for the debate which out on the east coast ended at 10:30pm.  I was hoping for some Palin humor after the hilarious answers she was giving Charlie Gibson and Katie Couric in interviews.  She only made one obvious mistake about the general in command.  However she only got technical on a few questions and didn't even elaborate on her own policy but Biden said it in gory detail.  Biden seemed to always try to answer every question as well as refute Palin's claims.  He just look way more experienced at debating.  For the real facts, check out this website, FactChecking.

I believe Biden won just from the fact he answered all the questions and Palin was lost on a couple that she didn't even address.  We didn't find out any details on McCain's tax plan which means the most to me as having more money to spend would be nice.  I thought it was interesting that the Democratic ticket opposed the official gay marriage.  I just assumed the democrats were in favor of this.  It's good to hear though that both tickets don't want any discrimination for a gay couple.  Overall, you can definitely tell that Palin isn't very smart.  Most politicians aren't which is fine as long as they have smart advisors it's just a bonus if they are.  Biden definitely is smart just by the fact he just knows all those facts and figures.  Sure you can say he just studied but that's the point.  Palin studied too but really didn't recall all of it even with her notes.  You could see her shuffling through her notes to find the right page as she attempted to start talking.  Pretty amusing.

Onto a lighter note, the Beavers lost it looks like in the 4th quarter.  Damn, typical though as they always choke it away.  I'm worried about our chances at making a bowl game this year. My Dodgers look awesome right now with another drubbing of the Cubs.  Sure you feel bad for the Cubs but man I'm excited.  If the Dodgers make the NLCS, that would be great.  Not sure if we can beat the Phillies or Brewers but it would be great.  We still have to win at home and it's not like the Cubs are going to lay down.

It's Friday...I'll be hitting IKEA tomorrow with Elena for some furniture for her room and probably be hitting Costco for at least gas.  I might go into the store but the only thing I'm out of right now is CHIPS.  We'll see.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Greenpeace and Halloween

So I got into the pool today and was immediately wary of Japanese whaling ships luckily Greenpeace was there to protect me as I tried to swim for 30 minutes.  It wasn't too weird but man my muscles were tired.  I finished and proceeded to get out while be attentive to any marine biologists trying to put me back out to sea.  Overall, it was so miserable so maybe I hit the pool more often as I really didn't hate it.

I had Elena last night and surprise she was excited to see me.  I got to hear all about school and various other musings.  It's nice that she still talks to me but I'm sure in a few years that will stop.  I asked her what she was going to be for Halloween.  She answered that she's going as Belle but next year she's going to be a ghost.  I asked why she was going to be a ghost next year.  She said that she'd be 7 so she wanted to be ghost.  I asked again and she mentioned that older kids wear "spooky" costumes for Halloween and not princess ones.  I tried to tell her to be her own kid and do what she wants but she just said she likes ghosts.

She had a wardrobe meltdown this morning but I forced her to wear some black leggings with her skirt.  She said it didn't match but it did even to a fashion illiterate like me.  I just told her to get used to me telling that she can't wear something or has to wear something.  I have no idea what the cool fashion will be when she's a teenager but I'm sure I won't like it.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Super Glue

I think I'm the victim of a super glue accident.  Probably sometime in June, my running watch face just came unglued at the pool.  I thought I was screwed because I really like my Nike triax as it keeps 50 splits and if I wanted has speed with a foot pod.  I haven't used the pacing part of the watch for a long time because it's too disappointing.

So I borrowed some super glue from Amber and proceeded to fix my watch and yes I took it off my wrist just in case.  I got the watch face glued back on but I spilled some on my fingertip.  I really didn't think any big deal as it seems every time I used super glue I get some on my fingers.  I have to wrench them apart because that stuff really does work.  I've been noticing for the past couple of weeks that my finger tip feels weird.  It's like it has a coating of something on it but it won't wash off or rub off.  It's my middle finger and it makes it weird to type.

I would think that my epidermis would shed enough cells that it'd be gone by now but no such luck.  I guess it could be from a burn but I can't remember burning my finger.  My fingerprint on that finger is forever changed though.  You ever wonder why we have fingerprints?  I mean most of our skin in other places doesn't have these grooves, why do our fingers and hands?  You would think suction cups would be more beneficial in our every lives than just simple skin grooves.  Something to ponder...or look up on wikipedia.

And yet again I couldn't get my butt out of bed early today..ugh!