Saturday, July 31, 2010

Meat and Potatoes

The real training for the Baltimore Marathon is just starting for me.  We're just under 3 months away and it's time to start getting some specific long runs and tempo workouts done.

Last week, I was able to run the first 12 miles of the actual marathon course.  Falls Road Runners store put on a training run with 3 water stations on the course.  It was great to get a preview of the course.  The first miles are a gradual up followed by a gradual down.  It's going to be imperative not to overcook these first 8 miles.

The marathon course runs right through some of the neighborhoods featured in the Wire HBO series.  I just started watching it and it was based on Baltimore.  It's cool on one hand as you can see some of streets where D and Stringer were doing their dealings but on the other hand it's not like being in the same area as let's say the MTV show The Hills.  It's only for a few miles and the race starts at 8am so hopefully any potential drive-byers will still be in bed.

Speaking of the Wire, I've been trying to catch up on old TV series that I missed but now the networks have decided to have a summer TV season.  WTH!  So I've got to watch Hell's Kitchen, Rescue Me, Leverage, Mad Men and of course Jersey Shore.  The first Jersey Shore episode was great.  It's harder to tell if it's an act because of all the stardom but they based on the first season I'm guessing it's not too far off.  Watching Snooki getting into a monster Cadillac SUV and crank the seat up for what seemed like 5 minutes was classic.

I'm slowly ramping up the cycling in preparation for the annual triathlon that Orion and I do together.  The cycling legs have been slow to come around but I really have been more run focused so no big deal.  I rode 85 last Sunday but only brought calories for 75.  Major bonk during the last 10 as I was just trying to survive and get home.  I was lucky that I went somewhat early because at around 3:30 we had a super big storm for this area.  60+ mph winds and massive rain.  Tons of trees came down and kill power all around the area.  We didn't have power for 2 full days because it was so bad.

Swimming is well swimming.  I've gotten so extra speed by increasing my stroke cadence but that's it.  Nothing super fast but I've only been doing consistent yards and no speed.  It's just too painful. Ha!  Of course all that will change come Nov. 21st when I signed up for Ironman Arizona 2011.  I got plane tickets for Elena and I since her grandpa is in the area so we'll be staying with him.  I also signed up for a volunteer position which is basically signing my name to the dotted line for an entry in next year's race.  I can't believe I'm doing another one as it will be painful but what else should I do to commemorate my 40th year of living.  I'm not buying a sports car because I'm too cheap so that's going to a piece of my midlife crisis.

Back to more fun things, running tempo miles.  Yippee.  Okay they're painful but a necessary evil to be able to complete Baltimore in a time to qualify for Boston.  I ran just 6 of them today and was quite please with my times.  I'm on schedule but in the 10 miles of tempo later are going to be painful.