Thursday, November 29, 2007

Professional Bike Fit (2 days ago)

I had my bike fitting appointment today before driving to the airport. I definitely can recommend Michael Sylvester as he asked various questions about my experience on the bike, then proceeded to see how flexible I was. It was interesting to see how flexibility directly affects bike fit. The strangest part for me was that he said I should raise my seat. I thought my current seat level was pretty high but he mentioned that you can exert more force as your leg straightens.

Another interesting thing is he's working directly with Trek on their time trial frame fit. He had on loan a TTX bike all decked out in the old Discovery colors. As part of this work, he was an observer in the wind tunnel in San Diego when Ivan Basso was getting his position dialed in. We were only able to go so far with the fit because I didn't have a time trial bike with me. Luckily he was only 3 blocks from River City and Mark Ontiveros was in the shop today. We called him and he loaned me a 56 Cervelo P3C to get dialed in on as this will probably be the frame I purchase. I was also interested in the new Specialized Transition frame but after the fit I can' run that frame for an Ironman and be comfortable. It's head tube height is just too small. This simple size is one my main limiting factors when it comes to my final frame purchase. The P3C is right on edge and I might just get a P2C because it has a longer head tube. Overall, I spun on the P3C for a bit and it's real nice.

I might make my bike purchase before I leave so I can get it completely dialed in by Michael. Of course this will complicated the move a little bit as I'm not sure I'll trust the movers with my Trek and definitely a brand new Cervelo. We'll see...

My swimming is improving. It's pretty interesting. I've slowly been able to ratchet down the times to the low 1:50s for a my simple intervals. I think that 1200 yard swim where I was really pushing to stay under 2 minutes for each 100 really helped. I still haven't bought my wetsuit so I'm hoping it helps reduce my time as well.

I'm on the plane right now and it's frickin bumpy. Crazy turbulence and my tummy is upset. It didn't help that I decided to do Wendy's at the airport for dinner, plus a Coffee People latte.

Someone in front of us brought a little yippy dog. I don't even understand that. Do they have to pay for a ticket for the dog? Is it's just a carry-on? All we know is the dog keeps crappin it's carrier and stinking up the whole back of the plane. The only benefit of the plane ride so far is I have an entire row to myself. Oh joy!!

It's gonna be 70+ in Phoenix tomorrow so I'm hoping to get a long run in before my morning meeting but there is all this talk of meeting for breakfast. That's another thing about business travel which sucks is having to socialize. I'd rather just do my run in some nice warm weather. My travel companion also is wanting to workout in the morning. We're devising a plan to see if we can get out of the dumb breakfast. Wish me luck!

Sunday, November 25, 2007

4 days

What a break from going into the office? It was definitely nice not having to get up at 4:30 in the morning the last 4 days. I've even stayed up past 9 a couple of nights. Woohoo!! I've been trying to eat just enough but not too much so I don't end up 5 lbs overweight on Monday. The weather has been dry but frickin cold.

During the run this morning, there were numerous little ponds with ice in them. The last two morning rides have been a challenge just to keep warm. The only good thing about cold frigid mornings is getting into the pool seems actually warm.

As for the pool, I took a day off from swimming today. My arms were beat yesterday so I figured a break isn't going to hurt. I'm really getting the rhythm with my stroke to clock off just under 2 minutes for the 100 without much effort. I've been working on getting low 1:50s with pushing myself. I swam just over 24 minutes on Friday for 1200 yards and then went out into the elements to battle 20 mph headwinds for 55 miles on the bike.

I caught up with some DVD viewing during this little break. I finished the final season of the Sopranos and at least some of the episodes got back to the roots. It was 10 times better than the first part of season 6 where I kept fast-forwarding through spots that were just boring. The ending was weird but I guess it leaves the door open for a movie or something else.

I kept trying to for myself to watch Heroes on DVR but no luck. I have 6 episodes on DVR but the first 4 episodes of the season were so bad I just can't get myself to watch. There's nothing compelling about this season at all. It's just meandering with the same characters and a few news ones that really don't have help. was so good last year but man it sucks right now.

Well my legs are trashed so we'll see how tomorrow's workouts go. On Tuesday, I'm getting a professional bike fit. I'm excited to see how that works out plus I'm flying to Phoenix on Tuesday night for a business day trip. It will just be a little hiccup in my workouts.

It's almost December and the official Ironman workouts for me begin starting in January...I'm getting nervous and I still have over 9 months.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Just saying...

At work, we use the phrase, "I'm just saying.." to disagree politely. It's a total inside joke at work. It's telling the person that they're totally wrong and you want to get in the last word. A bunch of us at work have been doing this for the last 6 months. I'm not sure what movie or TV show we saw this phrase used or we just sortof came up with it but yesterday I heard it on the radio for the first time. Bloggers unite! We can get this phrase to be a normal everyday phrase by the end of 2008 if we work hard.

I bought Rock Band for my Xbox 360 yesterday. I used Elena as an excuse. It's almost as bad as buying power tools for your SO at Xmas. Actually, Elena likes video games. This is a positive for me because I love video games. If it wasn't for my workouts, I'd never really ever go outside. Between video games and TV, there really isn't any reason to go outside. I'd end up being a "shut-in" and probably weigh over 300 pounds becoming like Jabba the Hut w/o having Princess Leigh on a leash. The reason I bought Rock Band is its a game that Elena and I can play together. She likes helping me play Guitar Hero which I credit my friend Orion for pestering me to get it. It definitely releases your inner rock star. Rock Band takes Guitar Hero and turns it up to 11. You basically can play drums, sing or play bass or lead guitar. The game came with toy like instruments for all those parts. I have 2 guitars, a drum kit and a microphone. I think Elena is gonna like the drums and she's already getting used to the guitar from Guitar Hero. It's gonna be fun the next time she comes over.

My swimming is going quite well but my biking is stinking. It's the winter doldrums. I just don't have any leg power right now as compared to when I busting out 95 mile rides on weekends. I definitely need some fast biking aggressive group riding to really dial in my bike performance. The good thing is my base will be better going into the spring than it was this year.

Tomorrow is pig-out Thursday otherwise known as Thanksgiving. We were invited to a big family's Thanksgiving feast where they have a contest on who eats the most. When I was training for my first marathon back in '98, I tied for the most. The person I tied wasn't a super huge guy but he hadn't even been challenged in years so it was quite a surprise. We'll see how this year goes but I hope to get in a swim and possible bike or run before the feast so I should be able to put it away.

So have a great Turkey day tomorrow and ....

I'm just saying, Rock Band really was for Elena.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Dumbo & Santa

Another weekend is finished and we are starting the shortest week of the year, Thanksgiving week. Woohoo as workers around the US rejoice well almost all workers except the poor souls that have to work Black Friday sales. Talk about crazy times. I have yet to see the carnage that is Black Friday yet but I might one of these days.

I went for a run with the fellow Ironman Canada PFers(possible finishers) this Saturday. Jeff, Don and few other tri folks I didn't know braved the wet cold morning for a nice 6 mile loop. I got to see both Jeff and Don run for the first time. I gave them some suggestions for their respective running styles to help them improve their running economy. It's great to see various strengths and weaknesses from individuals in the sport of triathlon. I completely stink at swimming and both Don & Jeff are super fast. They're struggling with their running form and it's second nature for me. At Canada, I'll be chasing them all day which will make the race interesting for me. Will I be able to catch them? Will it be on the bike or on the run? I can't wait.

I mapped the route in my Runner's World training log at 5.8 miles. With our time, we averaged 8:30 miles. Not bad considering Don hadn't run since September.

So I got a little bit more swimming advice from them about reaching farther by turning your shoulder and basically rubbing the side of your head with your arm. I tried this on Sunday morning's swim and I discovered that I have big fat Dumbo ears. My times were crap as I think I was slowed down by all the ear friction. I was tired from the previous swimming so I'll have to try again to see if I can use it to my advantage. I got on the treadmill as Elena played in the massive 24 hour fitness playcenter. I had a nice treadmill workout which is quite easy but helps with efficient strides.

After the workout, I took Elena to see Santa. Elena gets a yearly picture with Santa every year that I used for my Xmas card. With all the move turmoil coming during December, I decided to get Santa out of the way early this year. He had just arrived at the mall on Friday. We got there and there was no one in line. She got a nice picture and then I built my Xmas cards right there. It was cool. All I have to do now is mail them. Elena is all about asking questions and making deductions. She asked how old Santa was. I said I didn't know but pretty old then she thought her Grandpa was probably older and didn't have Santa when he was a kid. Interesting conversations. I'm still in a state of shock that she's 6. I can remember things I did when I was 6 and now I have a daughter who's 6.

Well time to slave away at work albeit for 3 days...

Friday, November 16, 2007

1200 in sub 2s

Today, was an interesting day in the pool. I decided last night to see if I could keep my pace under 2 minutes per 100 yds for as long as possible. Friday is usually my long swim day because I take swimming off on Thursday's to take Elena to school.

I'm still battling the tail end of a sore throat thing. I have really never felt like total crap but just that nagging sickness. I wasn't expecting much. This week really hasn't gone too well for my workouts. I had major stomach problems on Wednesday during my run and had to cut it short. It was a nice day but I just didn't want to be caught out in the middle of nowhere walking and suffering.

Thursday's indoor trainer ride was okay but I just feel dead on the trainer. Actually, my biking has been really suspect this last month. I figure as long as I keep a good base I'll start adding intensity come January.

So I hop into the pool and take off. I keep focusing on my stroke as each 100 yards clicks off. I'm hitting 1:58, 59 for each one. I figure as long as I feel good and see a 1:5something on the watch I'm golden. I got to 400 yards and told myself okay just make it to a 1000. I hit 500, the halfway point in my head. Before I knew it I was at 600 and with 400 to go I felt, no problem. I've done 400 yards at the end of my recent workouts as part of my cool down. No biggie. Next thing I hit 1000 and think why not try for 1200. The last 200 yards was pretty tough as I was having breathing issues. I really wanted to get some more air. I tried my best to relax and continue to focus on my stroke. Glide, big pull, etc.

I finished the last one in 1:58 and my total time was 23:40. Woohoo! I'm tired and my arms were sore. They hurt to raise over my head for washing my hair. I'm not sure about getting any faster anytime soon but I hope I can keep that pace for entire 2.4 miles next August. Basically, trading 20 or so minutes on the swim and hopefully taking it all back on the run.

We'll see...

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Almost bagged it

So I'm almost slept in this morning and skipped my swim workout. On my business trip last week, I started to get this scratchy throat thing. Luckily, I had planned ahead by bringing a tube of Airborne. So I battled the throat baddies by taking one of those every morning while I was there. I continued to take Airborne when I got back as with all these workouts being on a plane with 200 other people there's definitely germs floating around especially this time of year.

Yesterday, I couldn't sleep because of work. I woke up for my usual in the middle of the night bathroom relief and couldn't get back to sleep. I'm so used to waking up that during a normal night it's not a big deal. It was 2am and by 2:30 I said what the hell might as well get up and start the day. I was in the pool by 3am or maybe I should refer to it as a "tank". Swimmer lingo that I found this past weekend by reading about the new state of the art Mt. Hood Tank/Pool. I guess world class swimmers call it a tank. Who knew, now if I could find out what those Olympic divers shammi like towel things are called I'd be able to hold conversations with the aquatic folk and impress. :P

I had a decent swim yesterday and made it to work at 4am. I went for my normal lunch time ride and then started to feel the throat afterwards. I just know I was right on the edge of a full blown sore throat. I was beat when I got home last night and called it a day at 8pm.

I felt worse this morning and the bed was so warm. Thank you flannel sheets. Flannel sheets are the best and it really makes me want to sleep forever. I was thinking I'll just sleep in since my throat was really bugging me but I got up anyway. I'm hoping by keeping my routine I'll be able to just kick the bug quicker. My arms were sore from yesterday's swim so I didn't go so well in the tank today.

I did treat myself to an Egg Nog Latte at Starbucks before I got to work. OMG!! I have a major weakness for the Egg Nog lattes. I'm always excited once November hits because Starbucks starts up the egg nog. They're so good I can't resist. I'm pretty sure I could gain a ton of weight if they were offered year 'round. I luckily didn't gain any weight from my trip so I was quite pleased but now with the Nog it's gonna be hard.

Can everyone believe that next week is Thanksgiving? Where did all the time go? It just seems like yesterday it was September. Of course, that means Xmas is coming super fast. least I'm gonna get a little jump on things this year and get my daughter's yearly Santa photo out of the way this weekend.

That's about all the stuff going on with me. The big move to DC is coming up fast and I don't feel ready.

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Diet Deep-Six

I don't even want to get on a scale when I get back from my trip this weekend. It's crazy how much bad food I ate. I tried really hard but that Ben & Jerry's chocolate milkshake was calling me yesterday. A huge massive burrito at lunch the previous day, fish & chips yesterday, and a chocolate brownie w/ ice cream for dessert tonight. That doesn't even count some muffins in the morning with my coffee.

I'll get back on my diet when I get back to Oregon on Friday night. This will be easy because I have absolutely zero food at home. I'm slowly working through all of it as I get closer to the move to DC. This east coast living will take some getting used to especially if I ever want to watch sports live. Everything starts so late on the east coast. It's crazy. Of course it makes it easy to sleep in on Saturday and Sunday since football doesn't start til after 12pm at least.

After this trip, I think I see some more travel in my future. I just need to get into a rhythm and keep staying at hotels with workout facilities. I wonder how my body clock is gonna work when I get back because I've been getting at 5:30am to workout. Should be interesting....

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Easy week

So I'm in Providence, RI on business. Eating fattening food and working out inside on a stationary bike and treadmill...ugh. I ate this massive mexican lunch and can feel that I gained like 10lbs easy. The east coast has Dunkin Donuts everywhere and very few Starbucks. Oh well, it's good coffee at least.

The trip is going well business wise but I'm gonna have a ton of work to do when I get back. Ugh...oh well it happens. I'll probably be traveling more in the future so I'll have to adopt my workouts according. The major problem will be swimming. I scheduled my easy week to coincide with this trip so when I get back I hope I'll be rejuvenated for another good 3 weeks of training. Plus it's a good mental break as well.

I will get back on Friday night and have to immediately figure out what to get Elena for her birthday. It's on Sunday. I still can't believe I will have a 6 year old. It seems like every other time I see Elena she's always wanting something and I'd say how about for your birthday. Well of course I can't remember any of those things when I went shopping before I left last weekend. I tried to find a lunch box but couldn't find them at Toys R Us or Target. So I wonder if they sell those anymore...

I'm sure I'll find something...

Saturday, November 3, 2007

Day Off

So I did the unthinkable and took the day off from working out. I tried to sleep in but still got up at 6am. I figure I might go swimming and then maybe go for a run and a bike ride. I just did nothing except pack for my week long trip to Rhode Island. It was weird. I made sure not to consume tons of calories since I really didn't burn any sitting on the couch today.

I fly out at 7am but I think with the time change tonight I might still go for a swim before going to the airport. That's the one thing I will miss when I move out to DC is 24 hour fitness. Being able to go work out as early as you want. We'll see if I can get up a little earlier than normal because I almost fell asleep watching TV this afternoon.

The marathon trials happened today and Hall kicked some major butt and looks like he can contend for a medal next year. Meb was a non-factor which is disappointing. The sad news is one of the runners actually died on the course. It seems at every marathon there is at least one death. It also always seems to be a healthy runner. I guess they just push too hard and don't notice and their heart just gives up. It's a definitely scary thought especially when you push a workout and feel like your heart is going to explode.

The Beavers are getting crushed right now at USC. Nothing new I guess...tomorrow is the big Colts/Patriots game and I fly into Boston an hour before kickoff. Should be interesting to see th e mood of the city after they just won the World Series and with the Patriots playing so well..

Welp, I may be able to blog more this week from my hotel room as it will be pretty boring.

Thursday, November 1, 2007


Hopefully, everyone had a great Halloween last night. My little one really took in a big haul of candy. We went through her neighborhood. There really weren't many trick-o-treaters out so at each house she got tons of candy. Her bucket was full in 40 minutes and we skipped tons of houses on the way back home. She was getting full bars and sandwich bags full of candy from houses. It was crazy.
She'll be 6 in a couple weeks. Amazing. She got her first official haircut a couple of weeks ago. Now her hair is short. It's easier to deal with everyday but I miss her long hair. She also lost her first tooth last week. I was trying to keep the tooth fairy secret but her mom introduced her to the a tooth fairy that also happens to be a millionaire. She got $15 for her tooth. Crazy...but I guess that first tooth is worth a little extra. I remember being happy to get 50 cents for my teeth when I was a kid.
I'm travelling to Rhode Island next week on business. I had pushed an extra week so I'll have my easy workout week when I'm there. My hotel has a fitness center so a run/bike every morning should be fine. Just real's my luck but their indoor pool is closed for renovations. Bummer as my swim stroke is really coming along. I'm able to swim 400 yds in just under 8 minutes. I just need to extend that pace for the full 2.4 miles and I'll be all set.
In sports news, Joe Torre is gonna be the Dodger's manager. I'm super stoked as the Dodgers are my baseball team and they've just haven't been there that last years.
Depending on internet access and being busy, we'll see if I can post anything next week. I fly into Boston on Sunday afternoon right before the big game. It should be crazy...